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CUONA Manager screen and CUBE

Simply hold it up and it's simple for you and your customers.

There are many convenient services in the world.
However, there is a mixture of various hassles and complications, such as exchanging the same procedures, verifying identity, and connecting to services.

With the CUONA system we have developed, you can easily use the service by simply holding your smartphone over the dedicated NFC (near-field communication) terminal "CUONA" at

Service providers can provide their services easily and conveniently, and business managers can improve their business efficiency using IT.
We will realize this kind of infrastructure with CUONA.

We also undertake contracted development of systems and applications.

Conol Inc. has been engaged in contracted development of systems and applications since its establishment.
We have experience and achievements in designing and developing applications and large-scale systems with over 20 million DLs for major companies.

  • System design and development
  • Application design and development
  • Hardware
    Design, development and production
  • Systems Consulting

Now Hiring Positions!

Let's make the world more convenient with CUONA together with us!
We are looking for members who share our vision for the future using NFC and who will create the future.

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