Attractiveness, power.

A magnet. It is a powerful thing.
A magnet. It is something that brings things together.
A magnet. It attracts.

CONOL uses a U-shaped magnet in its logo.
This is because we want to have "the power to attract".

Moving forward with the sturdiness of a magnet,
bringing various things together to increase self-worth,
creating attractive services and nurturing members,
attracting and bringing people together.

In the hands that make things, in the straight eyes, in the strong hearts,
always a magnet.

Conol will continue to work on each of its businesses based on the concept of "Attractiveness and Power.
we will continue to work on each of our businesses based on the concept of "attracting power.


Let's make sure we can do what we want to do.

Let's be concerned and insist on realizing what you want to do most.
The company promises to support what everyone wants to do.

To this end, let us take proper responsibility for ourselves and stop shifting responsibility to others.
Let us recognize what we need to do to realize what we want to do.

Let's act autonomously.

Instead of waiting for instructions, let's be willing to deal with problems and issues on our own.
Let's be willing to work together to solve problems, rather than waiting for someone else to do it for us.

Let's aim for each person to be open and work on information to solve issues.
The company will also aim for organizational transparency with all members.

Let's do it quick.

Let's start moving rather than stop to worry.
Even if it's rough at first, let's solve the problem with fast output and quick feedback.

Let's make decisions quickly, no matter how big or small.
This will ultimately accelerate the team and lead us to the world.

Would be professional

Be professional.
Your words, what you create, everything you say will be conveyed to society as a professional creation.

Let's carefully accumulate one thing at a time, no matter what it is.
Recognize that each word, each line of source code, and each professional responsibility.

Always consider whether there is a best

What we have now is not always optimal.
Let's throw out assumptions and existing concepts, always question common sense, and approach things from a bird's eye view.

Let's be flexible rather than being too rigid in our methods and techniques.
Let's create an environment where the best answers are always available.

Let's make something widely used around the world.

Let us look at the issues and problems in the world and use our power to change them.
Let us face them without turning away from the fundamentals.

Let's think of a system that is not only for the present, but also for the future.
Let's create a system that will become an indispensable infrastructure for people around the world.