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CUONA Series

We have developed our own (patent pending) IoT devices such as CUONA and sticker tags that use NFC to easily add and implement a mechanism that allows existing services to be used by simply holding a smartphone over the device.
We provide an infrastructure with various functions such as device management and behavior when a device is held over a device from a dedicated management screen.

By simply holding it up to CUONA,
"service providers can provide services easily and conveniently"
"managers can improve business efficiency using IT"
"users of services can use them without complicated procedures"
We aim to provide such an infrastructure.

We also undertake contracted development.

CONOL has been providing contract development of systems and applications since its inception.
We have been designing and developing applications since the dawn of smartphones.
We have a lot of experience in system design and development of famous services and applications, including projects for major companies.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.